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The Spark 

An intimate 6 week online journey for women beginning April 28th

Ignite your creative expression and inpsire movement towards a life that lights you up! 

For the women who desire...

to experience a renewed sense of vitality and zest for life

to experience the empowerment that comes from crystal clarity and refined awareness

to remember the power and radiance of their authentic expression

to know how to reallocate stuck energy and connect with inspiration


to live with intention, consciously co-creating the life they desire and embracing leadership, reminding others what is possible


to connect with a community of supportive women all desiring to nourish their aliveness

The Pillars


Learn how to cultivate intimacy with honesty, vulnerability, curiosity, allowance, and continuity.


Refine your desires and expression through unraveling the limiting beliefs, fears, and resistance that have been unconsciously guiding your ship, freeing up more energy for intentional co-creation.


Discover the power of choice by taking responsibility for the life you’ve created and the one you want. You are the captain of your own ship. Empower yourself, develop your compass, and guide your path.



Explore, experiment, and expand through the allowance of your most authentic and vulnerable parts, as they guide you into the unknown and unseen, opening you up to new possibilities and the magic of life.


Discover the power of honesty and continuity with your words and actions, deepening your self-love and self-trust, bringing you home to yourself.


Grow and expand alongside other women on the courageous path of authenticity. Enhance each other’s journeys through the power of sharing your truth and stories.

The Spark.png

The Structure

  • 6 weekly live group calls (On Sundays)


  • 2 additional live Q&A calls


  • Recordings of calls available throughout the program


  • Online community forum


  • Tools and experiences for homeplay


  • A community Telegram group




2-part payment plans available 

Do you have questions and want to learn more about The Spark?

Or are you ready to sign up?

Fill out the contact form and I will be in touch!
- Anne


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"Investing in Anne’s mentorship and coaching was a decision I am so thrilled I made.

She allowed me to discover parts of my mind and my heart that I felt were buried. She moved with me through situations while guiding me to explore feelings in a way that lead me to many ‘aha’ moments of self discovery.

Anne has a magical way of supporting personal growth through igniting powerful questions and suggestions, and through exercises I would have never done on my own. I look forward for having more sessions with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to dive deep within their soul and find intimate truth."

- Destinee P

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