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hey i'm

I absolutely love diving deep with others,

uncovering the patterns and beliefs keeping us limited and stuck, and discovering new possibilities,

accessing the fullness of who we are, and experiencing shifts that allow us to have the best human experience.

I believe we are here to expand and discover ourselves, and that this happens through lived experience. It is a continuous journey we can chose to engage with or resist and avoid, but either way life will keep inviting us. We can empower ourselves and have the best experience of life by choosing to engage fully with our own evolution.


I know the power of having another hold my hand and invite me deeper into me. We expand and shift together, in relationships of all kinds. It’s my greatest joy to walk alongside those also desiring to discover their truth and live it fully in the world, trusting in the magic that unfolds when we allow our full expression.

It is always a gift and an honor to be invited to be a part of someone’s journey, witnessing them in their evolution through their fears, truths, and desires, and often seeing parts of them no one, including themselves, has ever seen before. When we choose to play in truth, we all feed and inspire one another. It’s a beautiful and profound unraveling.  

my experience

My life has been full of rich and diverse experience, including:

  • Working 8+ years in finance, operations, and investor relations in start-ups

  • Moving to a foreign country without a job, a visa, or speaking the language and successfully building a life there for 6 years 

  • Graduate school

  • Attending many trainings and workshops on topics of movement, spirituality, sexuality, creativity, intuition, writing, singing, authentic expression, self-love, leadership, and optimizing personal and professional performance 

  • Coaching others 1-on-1

  • Guiding yoga (on-going classes as well as organizing workshops and events)

  • Hosting women's circles 

  • Discovering the transformational power of a truly intimate partnership with the intention of discovery and expansion with an incredible partner

  • Living nomadically for 2 years

  • Consistently choosing adventures to lean into my fears and discover what is possible

my qualifications


I have a M.A. in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and wrote my thesis on Cultivating Intimacy for Wellbeing.


I am certified as an integrative health and wellness coach (CIIS), a guided imagery facilitator (CIIS), and a 500hr yoga guide (Strala Yoga).


I am also an intuitive and an artist on my own journey of empowerment, freedom, and conscious co-creation.

my inspiration

Well of Intimacy was ultimately born out of my lived experience, the most potent piece being my current intimate partnership.


This partnership brought to life and greatly expanded on my studies, allowing me to dive into my own depths, and truly know the power and magic of intimacy.


With that, Well of Intimacy is dedicated to my partner and angel, Akana.

my journey

On my own journey of intimacy, I’ve experienced rapid and profound (sometimes seemingly impossible) transformations in my life including:

  • Having huge shifts in challenging family relationships

  • Reconnecting with family members I’ve barely had relationships with for most of my life, and starting to develop close, supportive, honest relationships with them

  • Discovering and experiencing the beauty, magic, and power of a truly intimate partnership

  • Developing a deep trust in life

  • Developing my own compass for my life, through consistently cultivating a relationship with my intuition

  • Accessing more of my intuitive gifts

  • Discovering, awakening, and starting to embrace and express my sexuality and creativity in the world

  • Awakening the artist (poet, writer, and singer) within me

  • Cultivating a community of friends who share similar values and support each other’s dreams, desires, expansion, and discovery  

  • Shifting my relationship with food, movement, and nature…allowing these things to be pathways to discover myself and life

  • Shifting my relationship with my body and developing a new understanding of my body’s wisdom and how it’s guiding me

  • Remembering how to play

  • Creating a business and sharing work in the world that, for the first time, I truly believe in, I know the value of, I am excited to share, that inspires me, gives me energy, and brings me joy


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