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Intimacy Coaching with Anne Given, M.A.


The Power of Intimacy

Intimacy is foundational to our wellbeing, fulfillment, and vitality. Choosing to discover and live our truth is a courageous path that liberates us. It is a profound and powerful way of life that allows us to remember our dreams and live an authentic life–the life you came here to live. 


Intimacy comes from the latin root intimus which means innermost. Intimacy includes both a sense of closeness and belonging as well as an element of discovering the deepest truth of a person or a thing.


There is a natural human desire to be known and know others in return. While many of us crave intimacy, we often fear it more, keeping ourselves from the level of connection, sharing, and receiving we desire in all aspects of our lives.


True intimacy starts with ourselves, as we can only see and feel others as much as we are willing to see and feel ourselves. As we courageously chose to live an intimate life, we open ourselves up to the magic of life that's always available to us and discover what it really means to be ALIVE

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Remember who you are

all of you

What is Intimacy Coaching?

Intimacy coaching is a process that supports you in discovering and living your truth in relationships of all kinds, including your relationship with:


1) your thoughts, beliefs, and values

2) your body

3) your intuition

4) Your sexual/creative energy 

5) other people (partners, friends, colleagues, family members, etc.)

6) how and what you share in the world (work, art)

7) the more-than-human world (animals, nature, the unseen realms)

It is a process based on honesty, vulnerability, curiosity, allowance, and presence, that leads to deeper levels of clarity and possibility, and empowers you to make choices to live an authentic life—a life of connection, vitality, inspiration, and magic.

What does Intimacy Coaching create?

​What clients say this coaching process creates for them:

  • Increased confidence to be themselves, to have a voice, and to express their desires

  • More clarity on who they are, what they value, and what they want

  • Greater awareness of their patterns and how they get in their own way, and how they can make new choices

  • Have tools and practices to use when discomfort, confusion or challenges arise that allow them to engage with what is arising for them, discover clarity, remember their power, and make choices

  • Increased willingness to engage with fears and discomfort 

  • Seeing new potential and experiencing new possibility in their professional life

  • Discovering how to be an amazing partner and co-create the intimate partnership(s) they desire 

  • Experiencing more intimate, satisfying, supportive inter-personal relationships (with family, colleagues, etc.)

  • Increased trust in themselves, their intuition, and in life

  • A deeper sense of self-love

  • Feeling supported and not alone during major life shifts and changes

  • More flow and magic!

Schedule a discovery call

Take a step into you...

Let's connect on a free 30-min video call to explore how we can co-create together. 

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what i share


Deep Dive into You

12 weeks of Intimacy Coaching for Individuals

You are ready to choose you—to fully dive into your depths, with courage and the trust that your truth will take you on the greatest adventure of your life.


You believe in possibility and are ready to share your gifts with the world. You are ready to be seen, and live a life that feels like magic...because it is. 

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Deep Dive into Us

8 weeks of Intimacy Coaching for Couples

You desire an expansive relationship. A relationship that invites each person deeper into their authentic expression while also discovering the greatest potential of your relationship. 


You want to operate as a team, discovering the art of conscious co-creation. You trust that your truth is a gift.  You are willing to stay engaged and curious as you gain clarity on what you desire in relationship and as you unravel and shift what is in the way of those desires. 


Captain of your Ship

Custom Intimacy Coaching Packages


This is a follow-on offering for clients who have participated in a deep dive or one of my group programs. 


Custom intimacy coaching packages to meet your needs and desires, from a drop-in call to on-going weekly, biweekly, or monthly calls.

The Spark.png

The Spark

An intimate 6 week online journey for women beginning the week of April 29th



"Investing in Anne’s mentorship and coaching was a decision I am so thrilled I made.

She allowed me to discover parts of my mind and my heart that I felt were buried. She moved with me through situations while guiding me to explore feelings in a way that lead me to many ‘aha’ moments of self discovery.

Anne has a magical way of supporting personal growth through igniting powerful questions and suggestions and through exercises I would have never done on my own. I look forward for having more sessions with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to dive deep within their soul and find intimate truth."

- Destinee P

I'm Anne


I absolutely love diving deep with others, uncovering the patterns and beliefs keeping us limited and stuck, and discovering new possibilities, accessing the fullness of who we are, and experiencing shifts that allow us to have the most authentic human experience.

I believe we are here to expand and discover ourselves, and that this happens through lived experience. It is a continuous journey we can chose to engage with or resist and avoid, but either way life will keep inviting us. We can empower ourselves and have the best experience of life by choosing to engage fully with our own evolution.


I know the power of having another hold my hand and invite me deeper into me. We expand and shift together, in relationships of all kinds.


It’s my greatest joy to walk alongside those also desiring to discover their truth and live it fully in the world, trusting in the magic that unfolds when we allow our full expression...

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