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Ocean Water

Client Experiences 

Destinee P.

"Investing in Anne’s mentorship and coaching was a decision I am so thrilled I made. She allowed me to discover parts of my mind and my heart that I felt were buried. She moved with me through situations while guiding me to explore feelings in a way that lead me to many ‘aha’ moments of self discovery. Anne has a magical way of supporting personal growth through igniting powerful questions and suggestions and through exercises I would have never done on my own. I look forward for having more sessions with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to dive deep within their soul and find intimate truth."

Katrina W.

"I’ve lived for many years being anxious and afraid to be my authentic self. I had buried my voice and my truth so deep and covered it with so much protection and shame, I was worried it might be silenced forever. Before I met Anne I felt numb and had no idea how to begin to discover my desires and my fears, and free my voice to speak my truth.


Anne has helped me unravel beliefs I’ve carried around for so long that held me back from being my authentic self. She does it with such gentleness and acceptance, never judging, always allowing me to just be me and showing me how to let go of my “that’s good, that’s bad” ideas about myself. She encourages me to be curious, to be open to whatever is there under the surface. I’ve gained a greater understanding and belief that burying thoughts and emotions will not make them go away, but being curious and accepting softens my hold on them and frees my soul to be true to myself.


I would not have thought the results I’ve seen were possible in just a few months. I look forward to continuing to work with Anne. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance and support through your own discovery, it’s truly changed my life and how I want to move through it."

Kristen Cross, MD

“I would have never sought out an intimacy coach, being the incredibly stubborn and self-sufficient person that I am—and I am so fortunate for the gift of getting to know and work with Anne over the last couple of months as a friend and a coach. And that is exactly how these things work—often the thing that will bring us closest to ourselves is the thing we feel the most resistance to, the thing we are the most afraid of.

Through working with Anne, even just for a few weeks I find myself able to lean in more and more to the words, the actions, and the experiences that scare me and light me up. And each time, I feel the beauty of realizing and releasing hidden truths and seeing the way that leads me towards the path of my highest calling—union with myself. Not the self that I think I 'should' be, not the self that plays a role in this world because she wants to be liked by others, but the mysterious, feral, sinful and sensuous soul that awaits just off the edge of cliff and beneath the dark, inviting water.

Anne offers support in the form of her deep presence, her invitations, her graceful recieving and holding of all of me. She bears witness to and welcomes all the parts of myself I have previously chosen not to see, and in so doing, shows me how to do the same.

Since working with her, my relationships to my intimate partners, my friends, my family and my colleagues have blossomed with more honesty and integrity. I am realizing dreams that I had long given up on because I did not think they were possible. If you find yourself called to this work, if you found your way to Anne's website, I know Anne can support you on your journey. Trust yourself and dive in.”

Katy K.

"Anne is a force of love for this world. She is a gift on your journey into radical truth, honesty and vulnerability. She challenges you, is supportive, feels like she’s by your side every step of the way, pointing you toward “the way” while always allowing you to unravel and discover it for yourself.
Her soothing voice, crystal clarity, and deep sincere presence allow the world outside to fall away. She holds the space for you while you’re unwinding limitations, discovering forgotten parts of yourself, and allowing for deep transformative inner work that creates radical shifts in your outer world."

Barbara K.

"I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with Anne to work on myself in ways that I didn’t realize I needed or wanted. I was unsure of what I was getting myself into but she quickly put me at ease. As Anne invites me to be more authentic with myself, I see unexpected shifts in my daily life that I never even thought possible. It’s been special in ways that is difficult to put into words but can only be experienced."

Kristina C.

"I'm honored to experience Anne's gifts. The visual guidance has been a beautiful addition to my self-exploration, realization, and growth tools. Anne has an ability to see what I cannot and bring to awareness things that I don't notice. She does so with love and care and compassion.

I've made some important discoveries about myself, but more importantly, made some choices. Having accountability to Anne helped me with them. I couldn't recommend this program more."


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