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To my angel

You walked into my life
And turned it upside down and inside out 
You invited me into a truly intimate relationship
One based on honesty, vulnerability, allowance, curiosity, and presence 
You shone a light on (and continue to do so) any parts of me that were hiding, lying, denying my truth
You stood patiently, by my side, inviting me, day after day, to my truth 
You reminded me that magic is real 
You reminded me who I am 
Because you saw me 
More than I could see myself 
And for that I am incredibly grateful
To experience a truly intimate relationship has been the most confronting and terrifying, yet also profound and beautiful experience of my life
You’ve shown me if I am willing to walk through the fire, it can accelerate my process of shifting into my true resonance 
And living MY life
The life wanting to be lived through me
More fun, magical, and beautiful than I ever could have imagined 
So thank you 
Thank you for being in my life 
Thank you for being my partner in truth 
You are a gift to so many

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